beautiful day

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"Yes it was incredibly inconvenient, and it seems that it’s simply going to be an ongoing process, thought thankfully the second go around didn’t erase any memories." They sighed.

"At least, I certainly hope it didn’t."

"Ongoing… that really must be awful. I don’t even have to worry about that, so I can’t really sympathize. But at least you have all your friends in your file, right?"

Sugar glanced to the side, looking out the window as if it’d summon the color back into the other zones.

"Suffice to say, I don’t think mine are coming back."




"Yeah, I’m fine, but… He, you know… The Batter." Maybe Sugar didn’t know, but that seemed difficult to believe. In any case, she seemed troubled. "I’ve seen alternates of him in my file, but none of them tried anything. Usually they just… go their own way."

If Hugo took time out of her schedule to see to every single Batter that strolled through on his quest, she wouldn’t get anything done at all. Her own people were her foremost responsibility. The one Batter who’d come with intentions of destruction had been dealt with, at great cost to them both. She didn’t need to go inviting conflict.

Sugar winced.

"But he’s just a kid. What would he do to anyone?"

Of course, she’d only ever really met alternates, never any Batters on their own respective missions. But she always was suspicious of that white uniform, so once Hugo alluded to the possibility of him being the cause behind her empty zones, gears begun to turn in the back of her head. Of course, to her, it was still a far-fetched notion, for the Batters she had met were young, and either kind or naive.

"…hm, I think I see what you’re saying, actually… it’d be a problem if a really bad alternate came through here and messed everything up, right?"





"Oh this? It’s just a cat statue…my mother had lots of these imported here when she was still alive." Elizabeth pat the worn stone of the smiling cat "They’re from some place out east I think…she said…they warded away evil spirits and brought good luck!" the woman gave a small laugh "They’re scattered pretty much everywhere on the grounds."

"So this place… is your mother’s?"

Sugar took another look at the statue, absorbing the little details.

"It’s lovely. I wonder if it was carved by hand."

Her eyes wandered quickly, however, trailing off down the beaten path further into the trees. She looked up through the canopy, wincing a bit at just how bright the sky was. It’d been a long time since she’d even seen the color blue. It was difficult to fathom it was real.




Hugo stares at Sugar, her expression growing increasingly concerned. “No it’s… Do you think he got to them?” There was really no other explanation. Nobody else could have wiped dozens (even hundreds, who knew how far it extended) of files clean, even if it hadn’t been the same Batter every time. 

The starry map had grown dimmer lately. Even jumping between familiar spaces it was hard to miss. “I’m… sorry. We’re still around, though. So it’s better than nothing.” She steeples her fingers and lets them curl back inward, glancing around Sugar’s face.

Sugar searched Hugo’s face in return for a moment, trying to figure out who she was referring to before giving up and asking point-blanc.

"Who’s ‘he’?" 

She was concerned now, hands wringing. The situation really left her uneasy, and even now she was trying to keep her anxiety under wraps, but anyone with eyes could read her body language, despite her feeble attempts to hide it.

"You uh… your file is okay? That’s lucky for you. I’ve had another friend with a similar problem to mine. But err, you seem to be doing really well, actually, aside from the lady thing. It’s sort of weird.”



"In a way, yes. Things were reset and the game was played through, but…" They shrugged. "The game seems like it’s on repeat now…Perhaps it was just a glitch of sorts…but once the player made their decision, our game just started over…with a new puppeteer…who, by the way, doesn’t buy nearly as much as the last one did, and isn’t nearly as charming."

Sugar gave her head a cant to the side.

"I may not know as much as you do about the game, but even I can tell that’s weird. Do puppeteers normally buy from you? Maybe they’re poor or something. I really have no clue.

I guess you just have ton count your blessings that you’re still alive, even if a memory wipe is really inconvenient.”



Elizabeth smiled and glanced at the other woman “Oh I’m sure it will be plenty nice for you love.” She touched the red cube, and led them into the nothingness. They were only there for a moment before they appeared at Elizabeth’s home. They were at the end of a dirt road, surrounded by trees. Behind them was a large metal gate, locked, and forward, up the road, was a cat statue, smiling and grinning at them endlessly.

The mutant released Sucre’s hand and motioned forward “There are no dangers here so feel free to explore wherever you like love. I will follow.”

When Sugar arrived in Elizabeth’s realm, she could scarcely recognize her own reality as she stood amoungst lush trees and bushes. It took her a full minute to realize where she was, and when she did, she was awash with a weird emotional cocktail consisting of two splashes of awe, a dash of happiness, and several dousing cups of despondance.

"It’s beautiful." she said simply, holding her tote bag tightly. In all respects, she ought to have been leagues more joyous, but knowing that this scarcely existed elsewhere, she had a hard time bringing herself to smile.

Walking down the main dirt path, she let her eyes wander, taking in the clean, smoke-free air, the shrubbery, and even the sounds of nature. The statue unsettled her slightly, but at the same time, she was curious, and so she ventured to ask, pointing directly at the object.

"What is that?"



"Yes, unfortunately, that is what I mean. I just recently got a bit of a realization that anything had happened before. Something in the files must have corrupted." They offer an apologetic shrug. "I hope you’re not offended…I really can’t help it. All I can recall is that something happened and made everything reset itself…and apparently It’s taken a liking to resetting my session…"

Sugar glanced at her toes briefly.

"No, I’m not offended. I guess if you couldn’t help it… ah, so have you forgotten everything from your old file then? That’s too bad. At least you have a fresh start though, isn’t that what ‘resetting’ entails?"




"Excellent! Then we can go." Elizabeth held out her hand with a little half bow to Sugar, grinning wide "Just take my hand and we’ll be on our way darling." she chirped with a happy little laugh.

"Your hand?"

Sugar glanced down. It’d been so long since she’d had human contact that she could scarcely remember what the act was meant to represent. 

"Oh, right."

She ventured to hold on, however, her touch featherlight as Elizabeth guided her towards the red box that would lead them out of her zone.

"I hope the sky is clear, but not too clear. I want to draw clouds."